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Cities for young adults. Missions for Young Adults

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The city and its surrounding metropolitan area are home to the second largest labor pool in the United States with approximately 4. Mission Stories and News not included in Mission Magazine. Well maybe not, but Kansas City is at the heart of entrepreneurship in the Midwest.

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But these attitudes and preferences toward porn among the younger generations need to take into account the broader social and cultural context that American young people inhabit. Or, to put it in 21st century terms, sex gets clicks.

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Among many notable findings, researchers discovered that teens and young adults have a more cavalier attitude toward porn than adults 25 and older. The data was weighted to be nationally representative of churches by denomination, church size and region. How frequently people actually view porn likely falls somewhere between the two percentages. Then Under30CEO readers were asked to vote on the locations they thought were the best places for a new company to open shop based on local resources, culture, atmosphere and overall appeal to a young twenty-something.

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But if they cannot get jobs, then young adults cannot financially support themselves. We desperately need our economy to get healthy again so that our young adults can get good jobs, get married, set up households, raise families and be productive members of society. Only three in 10 say they never or rarely run into pornographic content. Louisville, KY Louisville has a population of over , and supports five colleges:

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He also had short stints as a census worker and as an extra post office hand during one holiday crush. So for instance, if someone is not actively seeking out porn, but they come across it, does it count as viewing? So what does all of this mean? An increasing number of parents these days expect that they will have to take care of their own children beyond the age of

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