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Birthday party games for adults. Birthday Party Games for Kids and Adults

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We say that if you love Settlers of Catan, you'll love this game. Lay out a 5-foot piece of it in the yard or in an open space. Give each guest a buzzer to ring to guess the answer the question. You can either have couples pair up for the dance contest or judge individuals.

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Have each child choose a number upon which to stand. Our selection provides some birthday party games that are short and take very little preparation as well as longer games upon which you can base your entire party. Whoever is the last person successful is the loser. At least 1 candy bar per person, preferably 2 dice Setup:

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The rest of the group will indicate by saying yes or no. Have the kids sit in a circle and place a large pile of socks in the middle of the circle. One person rolls the dice.

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Lots of free printable party games. This is a great 50th birthday party game to play with the whole family. Start the music and have the kids begin trying to put on as many socks as possible, one over the other.


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