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Your charm is instantaneous, and this coupled with your dramatic flare, shows talent for acting and speaking. When you find an inconsistency in logic or in the facts, your quickness to judge comes into play and you form a definite opinion on the matter in seconds.

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You have an innate ability to work well with colors and forms and may have a good deal of artistic talent. You have charisma and magnetism combined with the ability to see people for what they are. It contains a detailed look at life in a Belgian convent and a Congo hospital in the years before WWII which may bore some people.

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Yet there is a tendency to be a little negative and pessimistic when things don't go the way you think they should. Behind the spirited, but pridefully impulsive qualities in your personality is a practical, solid, determined internal nature that serves you much better. You would rather be alone than confined with people that you consider dull or uninteresting.

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