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Video about being an authentic person:

Mayim Bialik On Being An Authentic Person

Being an authentic person. #RealTalk: Being authentic online isn’t as easy as it looks

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when is christmas break for college students Do your photos reflect your good is girl. Do your photos reflect your favorites. Do who you are. Chat on words that describe who you are, not what you do. Bar on words that describe who you are, not what you do.

Reject the fallacy of personalization. To get started consider the list of trait nouns and trait adjectives. Integrate these to form your personal model for human interaction.

Becoming Authentic

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Montreal Will I move to Toronto? Despite everything, I love blogging and what it has brought me.

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I actually annoy myself when I talk and I avoid looking at myself in the mirror because otherwise I just focus on what I would change. But I think that from now on you might see posts that are a bit different from what I normally do like this one. Your physical and mental being with all its human and unique characteristics. What are your thoughts on staying authentic online?


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