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Joss Whedon Talks Black Widow & Hawkeye In 'Avengers 2'

Avengers 2 hawkeye and black widow. Hawkeye (comics)

Avengers 2 hawkeye and black widow I'd never been genuinely driven in something, or a part of something so big. I'd never been genuinely driven in something, or a part of something so big. Just extensive mastery in life arts and armed with her Tick's SwiftBlack Widow became one of S.

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While she tries to interrogate Mikhail Fjodorov , one of the world's most successful illegal arms dealers, Fjodorov is killed by an unknown woman and Black Widow is forced to leave the club via the roof, fighting several security men. She discovers that Frampton works for the Ten Rings terrorist organization and that he has made a Jericho missile that would explode near the border between Russia and North Korea , greatly destabilizing the world peace.

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As the group argues, Barton and Loki's other possessed agents attack the Helicarrier, disabling one of its engines in flight and causing Banner to transform into the Hulk. Hawkeye rescued her and fled the battle to save her life.


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No one's ever played the Hulk exactly; they've always done CGI. Originally an agent of the Soviet agency for foreign intelligence, the KGB , she later became a member of S. We wanted this to feel immersive and did not want a 'comic book look' that might distance an audience with the engagement of the film. Obviously this will be expressed through punching but it will be the heart of the film.

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There's just a board that tracks 'Here's where everything that happens in this movie overlaps with that movie'. Both Frampton and Sofia die in the explosion, and the surviving terrorists are arrested by Coulson and his team.

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Jackson as Nick Fury: This includes considerable strength, as a supervillain found out when he tried to use the superhero's pounds-force 1, newtons draw-weight bow and found that he could not draw back the string to launch an arrow. Black Widow is definitely one of the team, though. He defeats the Dark Avengers, but is captured and arrested when, after failing to kill Norman Osborn, he is attacked from behind by Ares.

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