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Right now my school believes that a multicultural office a new development will be sufficient to handle the diverse needs of not just students of color, but all women in general mind you, my school is a women's college. The college experience is more enriching if you befriend others on the basis of factors other than race, such as, say, personality! She is the first Indian American woman, the youngest attorney, and the first woman in Minnesota to hold this post.

Acculturation and Assimilation

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In Vietnamese, to ask "have you eaten yet? The southern portion constituted the empire of the Cham, Champa, and part of the Khmer, or Cambodian, territory. Other minorities think there are too many Asian Americans in college and that we 'side' with whites on important issues. The early- to mid-twentieth century saw a flowering of Vietnamese literature, due largely to the spread of the quoc ngu, or romanized system of writing.

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