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Are you an Extrovert, Introvert or Ambivert?(test)

Are you an extrovert introvert or ambivert. Extraversion and introversion

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From this perspective, extraverts and introverts are not "fundamentally different". Secondly, it was found that extraverts only sometimes reported greater amounts of social activity than introverts, [80] but in general extraverts and introverts do not differ in the quantity of their socialization. Lippa examined 68 students who were asked to role-play by pretending to teach a math class.

The north and south of temperament.

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You are like a cat , not sure whether you want to stay in or go out. Clients may respond better to different types of treatment depending on where they fall on the introversion-extraversion spectrum. The more frequent social participation among extraverts could be explained by the fact that extraverts know more people, but those people are not necessarily their close friends, whereas introverts, when participating in social interactions, are more selective and have only few close friends with whom they have special relationships.

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However, a variety of findings contradict the claims of the social activity hypothesis. Moreover, the sometimes colloquial North American language of statements makes them less suited to use outside America. Why does it matter where you fall on the introvert-extrovert spectrum?

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