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How Depressed People Can Express Their Anger in a Healthy Way

Anger is depression turned outward. The Psychology of Releasing Anger

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He was confused and angry. He explained that he had become gradually withdrawn from his classmates, and finally had stopped attending classes all together. A psychologist or other licensed mental health professional can work with you in developing a range of techniques for changing your thinking and your behavior.

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As a result, John left home with a poorly defined sense of self, highly negative associations about his masculinity, and a pattern of negative interactions with women. If you're at work and you think of a coworker as a "dirtbag" or a "single-cell life form," for example, picture a large bag full of dirt or an amoeba sitting at your colleague's desk, talking on the phone, going to meetings. A direction, I suppose.

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Therapy that encourages male clients to talk about loss experiences can facilitate the unclogging of the emotional ice jam that has been maintained by shame and the fear of losing control. That fits for me. Since he is ostensibly coming to therapy because of rejection by his female partner, talking about something that he thinks destroyed the relationship feels a bit unsafe. Perhaps the most powerful evidence for the expression of male-specific depression is the high suicide rate for men when compared to women.

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