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From one angle, you could almost look at this one as a compliment: Training requirements also grew to include teaching English to allied military members from foreign countries. All this despite the deep unpopularity of the Bush administration, McCain's age - he turns 72 today - and before the Republican convention next week. Easy there — let me put it to you like this.

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Obama takes a tour of the temple set Party officials fearing what Americans might think of 'Obamapolis' say privately that it was dreamed up before his recent 'rock star' visit to Berlin, where he drew a crowd of , - and Republican criticism for being out of touch with ordinary Americans. As creative consultant on the film, Lucas' involvement included attending early story meetings; according to Lucas, "I mostly say, 'You can't do this. Democrats build a temple for Barack Most watched News videos. On June 12, , at age eighteen, while driving his souped-up Autobianchi Bianchina , another driver broadsided him, flipping over his car, nearly killing him, causing him to lose interest in racing as a career.

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