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Video about adult heart rate at rest:

Heart Rate : What is a Normal Heart Rate?

Adult heart rate at rest. Adult Obesity Facts

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After exercising, a person's heart needs time to recover, or to return to its normal, resting heart rate. Try repeating this activity but compare a group of athletes or regular exercisers with a group of nonathletes or people who have a more sedentary lifestyle. Severe changes in pH will lead to denaturation of the enzyme. William Haskell and Dr.


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Heart rate can be measured by monitoring one's pulse. Enzymes, being the regulators or catalysts of virtually all biochemical reactions - are sensitive to pH and will change shape slightly with values outside their normal range.

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Video of the Day Stimulants and Medications Stimulants such as caffeine from coffee, tea or energy drinks and nicotine from tobacco are common causes of a temporarily elevated heart rate. Nazario has been a medical writer and editor since A large body of evidence indicates that the normal range is 50—90 beats per minute. Some are related to the heart itself, while others represent the heart's response to an underlying medical condition.

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